Woman Hair Transplantation

Woman Hair transplants are suitable for men and women of many ethnicities.

Two factors must be considered for hair transplantation:

  • A substantial amount of healthy hair must exist on the donor area for hair transplantation to occur.

  • The place where hair will be transplanted must be suitable for the procedure. It should not irritate or cause damage.

Before Operation

Initially, the extent of baldness will be determined. It depends on the amount of Woman hair transplants that must be performed.

If there are adequate hair grafts and the area to be transplanted is healthy, the blood test results are the final step. If the blood test results are also satisfactory, woman hair transplantation can be conducted.

Hotel and

The HOI staff provides VIP airport and hotel transports after confirming a patient’s reservation. Patients with HOI are accommodated at a five-star hotel that provides breakfast. Patients can contact a HOI Associate at any time to ensure complete customer satisfaction.


Prior to arranging a hair transplant procedure, HOI assesses the donor and recipient areas during the initial consultation. The Individual Representative will advise you of any preoperative needs as soon as your surgery appointment has been confirmed.

Prohibitions &

HOI recommends that patients refrain from alcohol for a minimum of one week before to FUE hair transplant surgery. In addition, you should reduce your cigarette consumption.
Patients should take breakfast the morning of their procedure. Before surgery, patients are permitted to eat.

During the Operation

As a hair transplant procedure, HOI prefers Follicular Unit Extraction.

In men undergoing hair transplantation, the hair is often shaved completely off. In contrast to men, we at HOI do not remove more than 90 percent of a woman’s hair during transplant surgery.

Natural Hairline

The beginning phase of treatment is one of the most important steps for female patients. In order to design the most realistic hairline possible, we study previous images of the patient’s hairline and consider the donor site when constructing the hairline. We construct the most natural-looking hairline possible while protecting the donor area.


Different levels of hair transplant procedures exist. The transplantation of hair is only one among them. The roots and surrounding tissue must be evacuated, but the micromotors must not injure the skin as a whole. Only qualified surgeons are permitted to operate during the graft extraction phase, often known as FUE.

Root Channel Opening

In addition to hairline design and graft extraction, root channel opening affects the final appearance of woman’s new hairstyles. Hair naturally grows in angles. The medical staff at HOI is competent and trained enough to perform the most effective woman hair transplant surgery possible.

After the Operation

Before undergoing a hair transplant, our physician discusses the drugs with the patient.

The nurses will provide medical care for the patient the day after surgery. Woman hair transplant the day before your departure, the patient representative educates you on the clinic’s first wash procedure and aftercare.

First Night After the Procedure

Following a hair transplant treatment on a woman, both the recipient and donor areas are highly sensitive. The body still contains anesthetic fluids. As a result, hitting and stooping impact the success of surgical procedures. It is recommended to sleep using a travel pillow. The HOI crew is always prepared for a crisis!

Aftercare Products

Hair industry professionals advocate Kerastase products because they promote faster and healthier hair growth following a hair transplant. Consequently, HOI partners with Kerastase. Before patients depart the facility, representatives of HOI provide them with product kits.

Keep in Touch with HOI

The hair transplant procedure begins with the surgical procedure. It takes approximately 3-5 months to grow new hair, and 8-12 months to get the ultimate results. The seasoned crew at HOI comprehends the wants of patients and delivers pertinent information throughout the healing procedure in order to guarantee complete customer satisfaction.