About Us
HOI Health
About Us, established in 2013 in Istanbul, HOI is a hair transplant facility that provides treatments worldwide. It is a brand that has made it its purpose to provide the highest level of care to its visitors in accordance with European standards, has conducted over 15,000 procedures in nine years, and continues to serve in six different languages.
HOI Health Facilities
The HOI renews itself with the passage of time and creates clean, spacious, and comfortable facilities. HOI focuses on improving the hair transplantation experience for its patients. In order to provide the greatest customer service possible, HOI Hospital has arranged everything.
Hairline Design Room

Given that Hairline Design is a vital element of hair transplant surgery, the story begins in the design room. Therefore, every element is essential while designing a hairline.

Operation Room

The hair transplant operating rooms are constructed with the patient’s comfort in mind. HOI continually updates its facilities to create a more patient-friendly environment.

HOI Café

We make your hair transplant procedure more pleasant. We welcome you to the HOI Café, a singular location within the HOI clinic. Take a seat and appreciate the excellent customer service.


Our objective at HOI is to give the best possible hair transplantation services based on the needs of our patients.


The mission of HOI is to provide the greatest hair transplant services worldwide, regardless of race or gender.

Who Are We

In 2013, HOI was created in Istanbul as an international hair transplant facility. With 75 skilled staff and service quality that reaches European standards, HOI has made it its mission to accommodate guests in the finest way possible. In eight years, the renowned HOI hair transplant facility has performed over 13,000 hair transplant surgeries and is still accessible in six languages.