About Hair Transplantation Surgery

People between the ages of 18 and 60 who have had hair loss or have a genetically wide forehead are required to undergo hair transplantation surgery. This treatment utilizes microsurgery and is administered in a hospital under sterile settings by medical professionals and specialized teams.

Four phases comprise the Hair Transplant procedure:

  • Hairline Establishment
  • FUE Hair Extraction
  • Channel Opening
  • Hair Transplantation

Before Operation

As soon as the patient’s reservation is confirmed, the HOI staff organizes Hotel & Transfers, advises the patient of the essential needs, and provides counseling for a successful procedure.

The hairline determination is the most important step prior to surgery. The hairline should be determined within the natural boundaries of the patient.

Hotel &

The HOI staff provides VIP transportation from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the clinic once the patient’s reservation is verified. Patients with HOI stay in a five-star, beachside hotel with complimentary breakfast. HOI will keep contact with patients around the clock in order to deliver 100 percent customer satisfaction.

Consultation & Guidance

Upon planning a Hair Transplantation treatment, HOI conducts a preliminary examination of the recipient and donor areas. After confirming your reservation, a Personal Representative will inform you of any pre-operative requirements.


HOI recommends that patients refrain from drinking at least one week prior to FUE hair transplantation surgery. In addition, you should reduce your cigarette consumption.
The morning of their procedure, patients are highly urged to take breakfast. Patients may consume their meals before to undergoing surgery.

During Operation

As a hair transplant procedure, HOI prefers Follicular Unit Extraction. This approach provides scarless, painless surgery with the maximum number of possible grafts.

In general, the key to the success of hair transplant surgeries is natural density. Since 2013, HOI has done over 10,000 procedures with a greater than 99 percent success rate.

Natural Hairline Design

The hairline design is the first phase and one of the most important components of the procedure. In order to construct the most realistic and aesthetically acceptable hairline possible, we assess previous images of patients’ hairlines and the donor location during hairline creation.


Hair transplant methods require numerous phases. One of them is the extraction of hair transplants. The tissue must be eliminated together with the roots, but the micromotor must not damage the skin as a whole. Only qualified surgeons are permitted to execute the graft extraction step, popularly known as FUE.


In addition to hairline design and graft extraction, root channel opening determines the final appearance of the new appearance. Hair naturally grows in angles. The medical staff at HOI is sufficiently trained and skilled to provide the most effective hair transplant surgery conceivable.

After Operation

When doing hair transplantation surgery, our physician discusses medications with the patient.

The day following surgery, nurses replace the patient’s medical dressing. The patient representative informs you on aftercare and the clinic’s initial wash procedure the day prior to departure.

First Night After Surgery

The recipient and donor areas of the patient are particularly sensitive after hair transplant surgery. In addition, anesthetic fluids continue to circulate throughout the body. Consequently, striking or bending has an effect on surgical outcomes. A travel pillow is highly suggested. The crew of the HOI is always ready for emergencies.

Aftercare Products

HOI, in partnership with Kerastase, uses components chosen by hair professionals to promote faster, healthier hair growth following hair transplantation surgery. Prior to a patient’s discharge, HOI Representatives deliver product packs.

Keep in Touch with HOI

The technique for hair transplantation surgery begins with. It takes around 3 to 5 months for new hair to grow, and 8 to 12 months for the full results to be seen. HOI’s expert staff comprehends patients’ wants and provides crucial information throughout the recuperation process to guarantee complete customer satisfaction.