Beard Transplant in
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Beard transplant candidates include anyone who is genetically incapable of growing a beard or who has lost his beard for other reasons, is at least 20 years old, and has no health issues that would prevent the FUE Method from being used during the procedure.

The transplanting of a beard is less painful than popularly believed. Additionally, you should avoid rubbing your face during the first week. Individuals should sleep on their backs. If you follow the advise of the HOI staff, the operation will go easily.

Before Operation

Do not drink alcoholic beverages or smoke cigarettes prior to surgery.
Before surgery, blood-thinning drugs should not be taken (at least 3 days).

If you have a severe burn or irritation on your skin, you should wait until it has fully recovered before applying makeup.

Hotel &

The HOI team provides VIP shuttles from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the clinic once the patient’s reservation is verified. Patients with HOI stay in a five-star, beachside hotel with complimentary breakfast. 24 hours a day, seven days a week, HOI Associates are in continual communication with their patients to guarantee complete client satisfaction.

Consultation & Guidance

As part of the first consultation phase, HOI checks the recipient and donor areas prior to scheduling a hair transplant treatment. When a patient’s reservation is confirmed, a representative informs them of any pre-op requirements.


HOI recommends that patients refrain from drinking at least one week prior to FUE hair transplantation. In addition, you should reduce your cigarette consumption.
The morning of their procedure, patients are highly urged to take breakfast. Patients may consume their meals before to undergoing surgery.

During Operation

During the preoperative evaluation, the transplantation site will be determined together with the number of grafts. Based on the results of your blood tests, the decision to do surgery will be made. The surgical procedure begins with a local anesthetic that is painless. After the necessary procedures, hair follicles removed from the donor area will be transplanted to the beardless area.

Beardline Design

Like hairline design, beardline design is the most important phase. The beardline determines the face’s visual appeal. When constructing a beardline, we assess previous images of the patient’s beard and the position of the donor area in order to create the most natural-looking beardline possible without harming the donor area.

Graft Extraction

Multiple processes are involved in a beard transplant operation. Among them is the extraction of hair follicles. Micromotors should not harm the skin as a whole, but the roots must be taken along with the surrounding tissue. Only qualified surgeons may perform graft extraction, often known as FUE.

Channel Opening

In addition to beard line design and graft extraction, root channel opening controls the look of the final product. Hair is distinguished by its angular expansion. The medical staff at HOI is competent and trained enough to provide the greatest hair transplant surgery overall.

After Operation

The most important thing to avoid doing after a beard transplant is applying pressure on your facial hair. Stomach sleeping should be avoided at all costs.

After removing all scabs and ensuring that your skin has completely healed, you may shave. Typically, this period lasts three to four weeks.

First Night After the Surgery

It is recommended that you sleep on your back and avoid laying on your face by avoiding face-down positions. Both the receiving and donor parts of the body are particularly sensitive after beard transplant surgery. Additionally, anesthetic fluids persist within the body. Therefore, applying pressure or massaging the face can have an effect on the surgical outcome.

Aftercare Products

Professionals in the hair industry recommend Kerastase products because they encourage faster and healthier hair development after a hair or beard transplant. Therefore, HOI collaborates with Kerastase. Before customers leave the clinic, HOI personnel supply them with the most effective sets of healthy beard care products.

Keep in Touch with HOI

New beard hair takes around 3 to 5 months to develop, and another 8 to 12 months to reach its ultimate shape. The staff at HOI is aware of patients’ needs and provides them with the essential information throughout the recovery process in order to guarantee 100% client satisfaction. Just rely on HOI! We are watching out for you!