Forehead Reduction with Hair Transplant

People with a naturally broad forehead who are not experiencing hair loss can achieve their desire for a smaller forehead appearance with hair transplantation; therefore, forehead reduction surgery is categorized under a different topic.

Forehead Reduction Operation

The most significant aspect of forehead operations is the creation of a new hairline that complements the patient’s forehead muscle structures. In forehead operations, the patient receives the desired hairline and forehead line, and hair transplants with the correct hairline and method appear natural in most cases.

Determining the New Hairline

The design of the hairline is the initial phase of the process and one of its most vital components. When creating the hairline, it is crucial to avoid eroding muscle tissue. We are conscious of where the hairline and muscle begin.

Follicular Unit Extraction

Micromotors should not cause damage to the skin as a whole, but roots should be removed alongside the tissue. The process of follicular unit extraction, also known as graft extraction, may only be performed by skilled surgeons.

Root Channel Opening

In addition to hairline design and graft extraction, root channel opening affects the final appearance of the results. Hair develops at angles on purpose. Therefore, establishing the most natural hair routes is necessary.