DHI TECHNIQUE (Direct Hair Implantation)


DHI technique is one of the techniques used in the implant phase of the hair transplant procedure. It is the process of transplanting the grafts taken with the FUE Method, without opening the canal, with the help of an implanter selected according to the graft thickness. In the technique, the grafts are placed inside the implanter with a thin, cylindrical, and sharp tip, and the graft in the pen is transferred into the tissue when the incision is made with the implanter tip in the transplant area.


As HOI Health, we prefer to use DHI technique, which has been accepted by many clinics, only for mustache and temple transplants (in local areas) of some people. When we evaluate more than 14.000 hair transplantation operations, we, as HOI Health, believe that the grooving phase is the most important step in determining the correct direction of the hair and ensuring the frequency of necessity. For this reason, we think that using the DHI technique in an operation other than local areas will be insufficient in terms of planning and frequency. Trust HOI Health and don’t be afraid of DHI Technique! We apply this method in the most effective way.